Wednesday, 6 November 2013

simoom freestyle

Impatient poetry
wandering for a home
thoughts precipitate
gentle patter upon dome
in the violet dusk
sifting memories with a comb
imagined messages merging 
and blending just like chrome

where I've really flown
riding a camel across deserts
words like glass is blown
crystallize so everything said hurts
were my eyes better I'd never 
let her blow from my sight 
side of the road a kite
shadows shed from a little light
a little bite can shred an existence 
a cold night can make bed out of distance
I see a theatre where two memories kissed in
a trashy book where lovers lives were wished in

burnt leaf smoke
the simoom of a kif toke
it returns like relief jokes
time runs like a beat yolk
here we are
stretch out of darkness covered in tar
lives like licks from flames covering char
matter preserved our minds stuck in a jar
exhaust from a car hangs for a moment
there we are
there we are

forgive my impatience
the matter rarely lingers like a fragrance
if not grasped it won't stay
I'll say what I say
then go my way
I came
two eyes
never the same
I hear voices in the rain
in the distance there's a train
here we are

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